April 24, 2024

From Bjørnfesten's Roar to Totsås' Rock

Recapping our thrilling Bjørnfesten gig and gearing up for the next rock adventure at Totsåsrock. Stay wild and join us!

Hello Wildnites family!

What a ride we've just had at Bjørnfesten in Sveg! A massive shoutout to all you rockers who joined our gig - you lit up the night sky! A quick tip of the hat to the folks behind Bjørnfesten - what an incredible festival you've created! Check them out here.

But hey, there's no rest for the wild! We're all charged up for our next gig - Totsåsrock! Are you ready to keep the Wildnite-energy soaring? Be sure to find all the details here, and meet us at the front!

Stay wild, stay wonderful. See you at Totsåsrock!

Rock on 🤘

- WildNite.